"Several years ago, I embarked on the rather rocky road known as 'trying to get recruited' and came to the stark realization - IT'S TOUGH!  REALLY TOUGH!  After almost 2 years and many ups and downs, I was offered and accepted a full scholarship to Rutgers University.  The process was extremely overwhelming and at one point caused me to literally walk away from my dream.  There were certainly road blocks that came up. Looking back now, knowing I was eventually offered that scholarship and have now gone onto a pro career in the CFL, the talent was obviously there, but the knowledge of how to showcase it, was NOT!  There are so many different large and smaller steps required to achieve success, some of which I was not aware.  When they came up I unknowingly neglected to fulfill some of the requirements.  Accordingly all my hard work came crashing down!  How I could have used someone with the ability to guide me and my family through the process. I know that my experience is not an anomaly.  I truly believe there is huge talent base of student athletes here in Canada, although we do not have the same opportunities as our American friends.  One of which is our inability to showcase and promote ourselves.  As you move forward and make the huge decision of where to take your talent and pursue your education, you and your family will want as many possibilities to choose from, both north and south of the border! Bryan Polak has the same passion and feelings towards our home grown athletes as I do.  That combined with his worth ethic, knowledge, network and the focus of his company are why I think the challenges young Canadian men and woman student athletes presently face, will certainly disappear.”
- Wes Lysack, #31, Safety, Calgary Stampeders

"I have known Bryan Polak personally and professionally since 2000, when he worked with the Toronto Argonauts. Beginning with his employment with the Calgary Stampeders in 2002, I was fortunate to experience his many attributes first hand. I have found Bryan to be forthright and dedicated in any endeavor he puts his mind to. He has an unique approach to professionalism-you do it right each and every time because the small jobs are as important as the big ones. This dedication to detail sets Bryan apart from most of his peers, yet he displays no superior attitude to others, which is a skill in and of itself. I have absolutely no reservation in recommending Bryan to any individual or organization that is seeking someone to do a task successfully and professionally.”
- George Hopkins, Equipment Manager, Calgary Stampeder Football Club